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will be implemented in new york and los angeles and roll out to larger networks in 2014. the question is will amazon be able to save the postal service? we have the new president of the mostal workers union and i believe beginning his new post today, right? >> that's right. it's my first job in office. >> we love inaugurating a new president. great to have you in. do you feel like you've won over on ups and fedex? >> i don't know that we've won one over on anybody. the american postal workers union and i'm sure the other postal unions are very pleased when the postal service decides to provide greater service to the people of this country. and the sunday delivery with the amazon products is a good step in that direction. it's more service, better service and that's what the post services should be all about. i don't know that it's getting one over on anybody but it's certainly a got step for the postal service and the postal workers. >> absolutely. everybody used the announcement yesterday as a chance to revisit just what the usps has been through, letter volume down 50% in a decade, losing $21 bill
is unveiling its first electric vehicle today at the los angeles auto show. our own phil lebeau is there live, joining us with the president of audi america and with a first look at the car. over to you, phil. >> reporter: thank you very much, kelly. independent joined by scott keogh. but i have to ask you about the federal government opening a formal investigation for the battery system of the tesla model. it raises the question are you concerned about what this might do in terms of enthusiasm for electric vehicles? >> i think nhtsa needs to do what it needs to do to investigate the technology. there's always going to be a teething pain with new technology. longer term i don't see it. >> reporter: does it speak people at all when will they see the investigations, the general public in terms of interest in electric vehicle? >> overall i would say no. i think it's a big tempest in a tea pot. the consumers are buying hybrids and plug-in hybrids and they believe in this technology. long-term sustainable, it's going to be there. >> reporter: let's talk about your first electric plug-in hybrid. i
members. only to new york and los angeles at first. in the meantime, a new record for the biggest shopping day for the year. singles day, alibaba says half a day is in. sales on shipping sites have surpassed 3.1 billion. that's half a day. be i the way, that's what they did last year as well. so that's a record for the entire day on november 11th. it only took them about a half a day. maybe they got a 5 billion or who knows, $6 being at alibaba. this started in '09. t-mall, they started this idea that on 11-11, go out and shop. we'll give you a lot of discounts how about their broader platform, 53% of all the packages sent in the country are a result of a purchase on there. but they in '09, they started this. itself it's grown every year. by now it is the largest single shopping day in the world. in the world. >> i was following the action this morning early, the chinese, they have become shoppers. this is again you hear about this great middle classification of china. it's happening very rapidly. this is just yahoo, right? am i overthinking it? >> no, you are not. 22% fully diluted. 24%.
a shooting at an airport in los angeles. do you think malls are suffering from an image that they are extraordinarily unsafe, or is this just part and parcel of what's going on in the country? >> no, carl, actually, i think it's part and parcel of what's going on in the country. we've gone from movie theaters to airports to churches to synagogues to, you know, to malls. i mean, it wasn't about a month ago where we had the incident, the workplace violence shooting out on long island. it's part and parcel to what's going on today. and a bigger issue, the bigger issue is why. what's fuelling the 20-year-old-something male to pick a public venue to broadcast their disdain. and it's something we should examine. >> we're likely to see beefed-up security this holiday. thanks, paul. >> thank you. >>> orbitz, how will it navigate the holiday season? we'll speak to barney harford coming up, and rick is getting ready to talk to ed la sdpleer. >> absolutely. talking about debt and the debt ceiling. we know in january we're going to all potentially have some hangovers. well, are we g
boorstin has the details for us live in los angeles. hi, julia. >> carl, to encourage you to spend more time streaming netflix videos on your tv set, it is transforming the app for televisions. now, looking to make the netflix experience more immersive, it features more damages, more synopsis and personalized recommendations based on your viewing history and what your friends like to make netflix more social. they say it's the biggest change to the interface in tv history, and first to roll out simultaneously. the new interface will be available on newer smart tvs, blu-ray players, roku box, and the current generation of xbox 360 and the playstation 3, as well as the new playstation 4, which launches friday. the new look will not work on microsoft's upcoming xbox 1 or the apple tv, because of the way the companies control their devices, and it will not affect how netflix looks on computers, ipads or smartphones. now, netflix says its members collectively watch more than a billion hours of netflix a month, and most of that is on their tv sets. having a single software platform across the
is live at a target in los angeles with more on that. julia, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, simon. there are more than 1,000 people in line here when target opened last night, rushing in for limited door-buster deals, including a $239 50-inch flat-screen tv which sold out almost immediately. it stayed busy until 1:00 a.m. local and really quieted down. it's starting to pick up again. the mall that the target is located in just opened up. now, it's not just the flat-screen tv that people are going for. all sorts of televisions continue to be really popular. also, a lot of apple products this year. we're seeing a lot of people walk out with ipads and ipad mi minis. target had a special deal giving a gift card to those who bought the air. a lot of people going for electronics. headphones are a big seller. the accessories and games for the new video game consoles. and, also, people are just going for toys. planning ahead for the big holiday season. here's what shoppers told us. >> i got a tablet for my son so he could be able to download apps and music. >> we came for the sales
wells covering alcohol once again, joins us from los angeles. hey, jane. >> reporter: carl, i'll talk about two things we care more than anything else, booze and bathrooms, in that order. as we head into thanksgiving, the wall street p.r. consulting firm incognito has come up with a list of cocktails. the mary jo white russian, a stiff prescription, feminine, but also aggressive, and the obama cared comes on the rocks. i suggested the jpmorgan marguerite tachlt and on twitter, beth offers the tape arena, it takes forever to be served and keeps threatening to drop you on your butt, but you can magically keep drinking. where do you go after that? you go to the restroom. where is the best public bathroom? i consider myself an expert. one, i travel a lot. two, i'm female. in the past, i've liked the women's room at the airport in ft. smith. i was amazed at the options on the toilets. and then the waterfall urinal in the men's room at the madonna inn on california central coast. somewhere, there is a photo of me in my wedding gown in there. but that restroom, as amazing as it is, was only
, if you get on a site, you can choose from four options, basically, the san francisco bay, brooklyn, los angeles, or new orleans for the service. i imagine you'd like to make it available to many more parts of the country. what's the best way to do so? >> well, next year, we'll be rolling out in cities across the country. really, with each city, we're partnering with the best local farms, best independent food makers making this delicious. the same folks you'd find at a farmers' market, but here able to offer full-service grocery with meats, seafoods, breads, prepared meals. we partner with them on the ground. we build the distribution hub, our food hub, and we're able to provide home deliveries five days a week. >> rob, forgive me for asking the european nanny state question here, but how do you -- what is your liability here? how do you know that the seafood or the meat is going to be okay, or are you putting yourselves legally in the middle of what might be quite a costly legal challenge if something, god forbid, went wrong? you're not controlling the supply chain here, are you? >> no
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8